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What do you guys like in their gear?  I can use a baselayer for late season, been debating on what to get and just dealing with my existing raggity, falling apart base layers for the last two seasons :)


I actually don't "need" anything, but I'm poking around the website to see if I want anything just to show them my support and give them some business. Might look into some rain pants or some gloves. I'm not really into the whole "scent blocker" stuff, but, these guys stepped up. 50% off is no small thing - I appreciate the show of support to the hunting community and I'll certainly look to them more often in the future.


And I'll be sure to stay away from UA products if I can help it (I still don't understand why they consider a spear flung by hand is bad, but a spear flung by a string is good?)

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In my never-ending quest to find a warm head/neck/face cover that won't also fog my glasses (yes, yes, I realize I'm looking for a unicorn), I bought two different balaclavas they have for sale that look like they might be what I am looking for - hoping I'll get lucky and find something eventually (did I say I hate wearing glasses? Now I've got progressive lenses that I hate even more). But I got the 50% off so I only spent 35 and that included shipping - for two nice balaclavas, that's a good deal.





Now, again, stop with the expensive threads!  :D



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