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Had this one from a few years back and no coin to get it mounted.  Two kiddies in college will do that.  So I was up BS'ing with my taxi and he had a few laying around getting ready to be shipped to a rugger and I liked them.  So he prepped this one for the rugger for me.  I mite stretch and trim it myself.  I have several really old quilts that my Great-Grandma made.  I mite give the stretched bear and a quilt to my Ma and have her sew it for me, before she gets too old to do something like that.






I still have a hide up at his place.  I think I'm gonna have him prep that one as well, with an open mouth (not like the savage growl one, but a realistic one) and do the same thing.


If I am lucky enough to kill one with my crossbow, I'll save to have it mounted.

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