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barnett crossbow


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i bought this barnett crossbow from a co worker for $40. i have had it now for 2 years and i am thinking about hunting with it this season. i have never hunted with a crossbow, so i figure maybe ill give it shot this year and take a doe with it. i measured it, and its legal for NJ. (longer then 25" stock length)


my two questions are: what broaheads do you recommend for crossbows? i always shot compounds, and how do i find out the draw weight? i want to make sure the draw weight is legal for hunting in NJ. i need to pick up a cord to draw it back, and i will wax the string. i cant find any markings on the bow except that it says barnett Veloci Speed Glass and that its a wildcat. other then that, it does not have model or anything. here are a few photos.






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Wow that crossbow appears to have some years behind it.... I would call Barnett and as them for the details of that bow... Not sure it would be safe to use.....  727-234-4999






and  an old ebay add for it





Broadhead choice I guess depends on how much energy this bow produces at its given draw length and total arrow weight used.

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I have one that's pretty old too, Smokin' gun got me hooked up with it as my first try at X-bow, Same thing, Velosi-speed. I upgraded and now my son uses it. It was great to get me into the X-bow ring and no reason I HAD to upgrade other than I found a killer deal on a new one, happen to have a few bucks after bills were paid and money was set into my accounts. (basically an impulse purchase)

Keep in mind that this changed model names too, it seems just after yours was built and before mine was built but from what I remember, Barnett told me parts were still interchangeable. They just took the wild cat name off.

What they did tell me to do besides have a professional look at the string was check to see where the bolt sat knocked and adjust it to sit approximately the height of the thickness of a match book cover or piece of cardboard of the same thickness off of the rail while drawn. No issues with mine what so ever, aside from it didn't magically make deer show up within range  

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thanks for the information. I will have a bow shop take a look at it. just from cleaning it up and waxing the string I noticed the limbs were coming loose. there is an allen bolt I can tighten. but cant imagine what will happen if I shoot it

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