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Deer for dog food


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We used to put all the bones, organs, scraps, etc. into big pots when we butchered our deer and boil it all up for the dogs.  Start the pup on real small amounts mixed with the regular food and you should have no problem.  

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Dogs diets should be pretty steady.  Shouldn't keep switching foods.  You should find a food that works for them and stay commited to that brand and flavor.  Don't get a lamb mix 1 week, then chicken the next.  If you do, keep a mop handy.  So if you want to give your dog venison, make sure you can keep getting it.

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Yeah my dog was allergic to virtually every food accept pork and venison...  I started out feeding him those two meats slightly cooked then slowly switched to all raw with some boiled or steamed veggy's thrown in.. Mostly green beans or peas and carrots..  I liked the results so much the next dog I get will be on a raw meat diet ...


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