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Crossbow Broadhead Targets?


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After using many different targets myself I bit the bullet last year and bought this Rhinehart target which has been good so far. Target on each side it, including deer vitals top & bottom, and center core target can be replaced if it get's shot up too much. Also have a hurricane bag target that I use at times when using field tips.

IMG_1336 - Copy.JPG

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 There truly is only ONE!!!!!


Nothing better than the Blob target for broadheads.. Mine is three years old, leave it outside all year long and shoot the hell out of it with broadheads and still stops them from my Matrix 380 shooting 355 fps with a 405 grain arrow which is like 113 ft lbs of KE...and still no passthrough.... fast bow, slow bows even skinny bows are no match for the Blob target.... It is however not for field points... 



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