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What Ranges Would You Recommend In South Jersey?


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I just got my yearly SJSC membership bill today. After the latest change they announced (granted, wasn't their fault the township decided to start enforcing their ordinances), I'm now wondering what else is out there. I don't want to put down another $250 if there's something better out there.


I would love a place here in South Jersey that's close to me that has a handgun range, long gun range, and trap range. An archery range is a bonus (the public archery range right down the road from SJSC is usually empty and has what I need anyway).


What other places are folks members of? Do you like it? Cost?


As for SJSC, it sounds like SJSC got harassed by neighbors so it's no longer dawn-to-dusk - now open 9am Mon-Sat and 10am on Sun. That doesn't bother me all that much (church on Sundays and work during the week means it only affects a Saturday and I can deal waiting till 9am then).


But what does bother me is another change they made a few months ago - you can no longer move up on any of the ranges except the 300 yards range. How are you suppose to pattern a shotgun at 30 and 40 yards if I can't move up on the 50 yard range? (I'm not moving up 270 yards on the 300 yard range).


They also don't have a trap range. And last time I went to the outdoor archery 3D course, the targets weren't even out :rant: , so I just left.


What I do like about it is:


1. Handgun range in addition to long guns ranges

2. Bangers is right there - can buy ammo and other shooting/hunting needs right there

3. The outdoor 3D archery course is nice (when they put the targets out!)

4. Safe. I've never felt unsafe there. Usually see range officers around and members don't act like idiots while on the firing line (at least none that I saw).

5. Close to the house - I can usually be there in 20 minutes or so.


Worth $250? I dunno.


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Have you ever considered sending a email or letter (if you renew) to the owner with some of your concerns, etc. If some of those other things you mentioned are true I'm sure other members are probably going to get tired of the BS as well and when they start losing money from memberships that's going to be a very expensive range to run.

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They updated the website with the new hour restrictions: http://sjerseyshootingclub.com/hours-of-operation/


As for the no-moving-up-with-a-shotgun rule - that's in red letters here: http://sjerseyshootingclub.com/club-information/club-rules/


And the targets at the 3D range - I don't know why they weren't out that day. That did annoy me. That shouldn't really happen.


But there's a lot of good to be said of this range - its just that one of the things I actually do at a range is pattern my shotgun, and now I can't do it there, I have to drive down another 20 minutes to the public Makepeace range. But while there, I guess I can shoot some trap, too (since that's the other main problem I have with SJSC - no trap range!)


But other than that, it really is a nice range. Short handgun range up to 300 yard rifle range, Banger's right there. Honestly, if they add a trap area (one where you don't have to pay extra to use - I'm fine bringing my own thrower), I would overlook the "can't-move-up" issue.

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