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What rangefinder do you use?

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If you own a rangefinder, which do you use and how do you like it?

My old Bushnell is nearing end of life, have it taped together just to keep the battery inside and sometimes struggles to read objects.

I can get by with it, but looking to see what's out there and how you guys/gals like it.


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One I have owned for a few years now. Wildgame Innovations Interceptor...(inexpensive)


If I was to upgrade, (which I am not going to do right now), I would prefer a rangefinder that had a illuminated reticle. :hmmmer:

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I admire your ability to do trigonometry in your head.


:rofl:  :rofl:


You're one of the few that actually gets it. :up:


The range finders that calculate "true distance" are functioning on the assumption that gravity works on the horizontal distance to the target as opposed to the time it takes the arrow to fly to the target.  This is wrong, the effects of gravity are based on time (32 feet/ second2).  In the scenario below, the amount of arrow drop is based on the TIME it takes the arrow to travel the 32 yards to the deer, not the 23 yards horizontal distance. 


But you can't make money unless you have something new and indispensable that every hunter must have.  :rofl:  



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