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ShotGuns for deer hunting


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I have the Remington 11-87, which is probably toward the top end of your price range.  Gun goes bang, and I've beaten on it for 16 seasons.  Solid gun.  I have a 28" smoothbore barrel and a 21" rifled cantilever barrel with a scope mounted on it.  So I can shoot both shot and slugs.  The rifled barrel is a tack driver at 100 yards with a 1oz slug.  I can change the barrels in the field in about 5 minutes.

Sapere aude.


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I found a Turkish gun, if you are a Turkey hunter. The company is Sarsilmaz,

model: "SAR."

Smooth bore, removabe chokes used by the other manufacturer that starts with a B.

You can get into this gun at half the price of a European semi. The company is based out of Florida, but customer service could be had in eastern PA.


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Mossberg 500...  Pump action.. Had mine for 40 years...Cheap but reliable and accurate..Semi's are for non shooters who need to lay out a large spray of shot in a short period of time in order to bring down their targets... Me?.. One shot, one kill... :cupcoffee:


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Here's another thought since it appears you want to hunt deer - buy a modern in-line muzzleloader and a scope for same.  Far less recoil than a slug gun and often far more accurate with whatever bullet you choose unlike slug guns where you often have to try many different slugs to find one that is accurate in your gun.  Yes, it limits you to one shot, but you shouldn't need more anyway.   

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