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Wayne High Mountain Park

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Just saw on the news someone is setting booby traps on the hiking trails. Be aware and careful.  Also with deer season approaching it sounds to me it could be someone who wants to scare off hikers and others to keep "his spot" private. Can't even call him a hunter, just a dirt bag. Hope they catch him.

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Those definitely look like quad traps.  While I love riding quads, unless you have private land there isn't any place in NJ to ride them, so they turn to the WMAs and other protected lands.  Lots of folks justify this illegal and destructive activity by saying they pay taxes.  I try to explain to them that hunters and other outdoors folks actually pay for those lands through taxes and other fees.  My suggestion to them is to lobby Trenton to add more taxes to quads and fuel and use those dollars to purchase and maintain a large 4-wheel park.  At which point they complain about the taxes they already pay....  No win situation, but my guess is that some 4-wheelers have been tearing the place up and folks took action--albeit the wrong kind of action--into their own hands.

Sapere aude.


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