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paying it forward/ free stuff

the fishguy

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i recently lost my hunting partner of 25 years, great hunts, lots of memorys. i inherited a few bows of his. i really have no need for them buy want them to go to someone who will use them. truth be told, there older. and may need some T.L.C . but all n all there fine. first is a browning delux nomad compound in natural wood finish 2) a legend magnum in camo finish also a compound 3) i have 2 long bows ben pearson . (they may remember the nixon era), and last i have a ben pearson recurve.  sorry but i do not have the capability to post pictures, im 3/4 redneck and dont understand that stuff. pick up only. i live in bloomfield and work in wychoff. 973 943 8519 ( no heavy breathing please). just want the stuff to go to someone that will keep them alive and hunting. great first bow for a youngster to use. the price is right.  thanks for readin.   fishguy.

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