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Neat link with river data


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I think I've posted this link before, and it might be available on one of the drop-downs on this site, but it's the gov't river data link for NJ.




It's handy to have during rainy times like this past weekend to see which rivers may be at risk of flooding.  I use it to figure out which rivers are high enough so my kayak doesn't drag on the bottom.  Site also has historical data.


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I'll do you one better if you have an I Phone.  Get the River Data app.  It costs $1.99, but is hugely worth it.  Every gauge in every state is at your fingertips and you select all the "favorites" you frequent and they are stored by alphabet in your favorites.  I'm on it sometime 10 times/day or more.  I used to bookmark all the USGS gauges and had to move between one and the other until I downloaded River Data.  

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Yeah, I have that too.  The USGS site is horrible on a phone.


Agreed!  Some gauges like the Hale Eddy gauge on the West Branch only show temps on a regular computer but not on their smart phone apps.  But River Data picks up temps as well as gauge height and flows in cfs.  


The other thing I like about River Data is each state is listed alphabetically and you can get each USGS site in those states alphabetically.  With USGS, you have to either search by site name or look at a state-wide map and guess where each dot is to find the ones you want by hovering your mouse over each little circle, many of which are on top of each other in states like NJ.  

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