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If September 10 is too early

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Yeah Im'a opt out of early deer hunting season and wait till the weather gets a bit cooler.. Since my 175lb deer eating machine of a dog died I don't need to harvest 8-10 deer a year to feed him.. I'm a little wary of taking deer for my own consumption in warm weather.. instead ima do something I haven't done in 20 or more years but always enjoyed alot... DOVE HUNT!!!!.. Opening day in VA is Sept. 3 :rock:

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If September 10th is too early to sit in a deer stand then you are welcome to join us for a trip down the Delaware.  We will be kayaking from Pond Eddy to Matamoras.   

How long is that trip? Do you fish along the way?

Paul M. Ross


Coldwell Banker Sales Associate






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yes and if we do your eating a fillet raw while it's still warm and beating


Nothing nastier than eating False Albacore.  It's the only fish I won't ever eat again!  It amazes me that all but one tuna species taste great.  But nothing more fun on a fly rod than an Albie!!!



As for the early fall bow, every year I read the posts about it being too hot, yet the last at least 4 seasons saw opening morning temps in the 40s or 50s which is not bad.  Heck, I can recall some awfully hot PA and even NJ gun seasons much later in the year where spoilage was far greater a concern.  Just because it's summer now doesn't mean it will be five weeks from now.  But a kayak trip sounds fun and I have been using my kayak more this year than the last few years for certain. 

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