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Youth Slug Choices - Reduced Recoil or Other


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I had a post out a year ago which had some debate going but at the time we ended up using buckshot and never got teh chance at a deer with her Bantam shotgun. She is outfitted with the cantilever barrel and a 3x9x40 scope. I have put on a cheek piece cushioned sleeve which allows her to get her head up high enough because of the cantilever mount. I may add the limbsaver if she feels she needs it eventually for the slugs although she did take a couple shots with 3" Nitro Mag 20 gauge bird shot rounds without to much issue.

Looking to see what you guys have your kids set up for regarding slugs. What are the expectations/limitations on reduced recoil slugs? Knock down power, damage, groupings......

In all honesty, 90% of my deer ever taken in NJ with a gun were 80 yards and under and shot with a muzzy. I don't expect that she would be shooting any further then that anyway and probably not more then 50 in most cases.

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