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A&W Nature labs Mineral Magnet/Killer Kube down..game on!


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Picked up both products from A&W Nature Labs last week...... Let the games begin!


We also decided to plant (for the first time ever) a small food plot in one of our spots....I spoke with customer service at Whitetail Institute in Alabama and decided to try the no till seed called Secret Spot after their recommendation.


My son and I raked the seeds into the dirt just before the rain last week and we like the way it looks already! One XL bag is listed to cover @11,000 sq ft.


It's  pretty neat to see the seeds develop into something and will be interesting to see what comes of it........



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Very cool the seed is coming up and hopefully the deer won't find it until it has a chance to establish!


Also, love to see that MINERAL MAGNET and KILLER KUBE combo!

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