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Electro fishing the Ken Lockwood Gorge No-Kill yesterday

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One of the best things about my job is working with Division staff to electro fish trout rivers and streams.  Yesterday I helped with the Ken Lockwood Gorge no-kill stretch on the South Branch Raritan.  We had a large, 11 person crew, and we used the barge instead of backpack electro fishing units.  These surveys can be fast and furious when you coral trout in front of you in a deeper pool that has an upstream riffle.  As you near the top of each pool, the trout come popping up, drawn to the electrical current created at the end of each wand.  To minimize handling, we quickly inspect any stocked rainbows for general health, count them, and put them right back in the river below our current sampling area so they don't swim upstream and get sampled a second time.  We use temporary nets across the river to prevent escapees.  


 Close up of The Line.jpg


YOY rainbow.jpg

Young of the year wild rainbows were common, but not older class wild bows


Shawn in the line.jpg

Division principal fisheries biologist Shawn Crouse led this annual sampling effort



Our lone native brook trout which is good to see as this far downstream can be too warm for native brook trout


Nice rainbow coming up to net.jpg


Nicer brown.jpg

All but one brown trout were wild.  I don't recall our totals, but well over 60 wild browns were sampled


Wild brown 1.jpg


Stocked bow being measured.jpg

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