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Few Fluke Questions


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What's a good head boat to catch,might be heading out on the 31st so looking for the best option. What's the best line for a spincast reel, and what rig is best. I know some guys use a high low rig but I don't know how to tie it.


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I like the Angler out of the Highlands, but they get packed. Went this past Wednesday trying to avoid the crowds and it was packed like a weekend. If you hit AH, maybe just jump on another lighter crowd boat unless you're looking for a bigger pool. They all generally fish the same areas anyway.

If headed out of Belmar, check out the Mohawk...Chris is a diehard captain and he will fish the sticky for bigger fish.


I've been using Fireline Crystal braid for years for it's greater breaking strength. I used to fish really light (2#/6#) but am up to 6#/14# now. Have it on both spinning and conventional reels.

Rig wise, the high low is the way to go IMO.

It's really just a long leader tied with two dropper loops. I prefer a figure 8 knot for it's strength, I would say only to avoid the "dropper loop" knot because it cuts line strength down to about 50-60%. Figure 8 I tested and it retains 95-100% every time.

Once you have your loops tied, pass it through the eye of the bucktail or hook you're using and cinch it down.


Easy breezy knot:

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Does the Big Mohawk get crowded on weekends?

The captain usually leaves early if he has a certain number of fares to prevent overcrowding. Don't leave to get breakfast because the boat may be gone when you return before the scheduled departure time.


I caught my first and only doormat the first time l fished on it.

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Another question.. Someone told me a set up to get for fluking(a couple years ago) and I want to make sure I have the right one. It's a 7 foot heavy,line weight 15-25,lure weight 1/2-2 oz with Shimano stradic 4000FL reel... Is this what I want?

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Yep, that'll work just fine.  Despite the rating (casting rating), you won't be winging over 2 oz generally...and even if you were, most rods can handle it.   The bigger problem becomes when you need to fish heavier given the drift conditions.  You have two options:  Use a conventional with heavier bucktails or cast updrift and bounce it back to the boat rather than letting it feed out away from the boat.  The latter can be difficult on some boats if you don't have the ability to do that (i.e. alternating drifts on a party boat).  I always bring both setups, convention and spinning, to fish with the conditions.  If I had to choose ONLY one, I would go with conventional because it's more flexible.  If you have to drift out and you're drifting at 1.0+ knots, you're just not going to be able to keep a bucktail down on the bottom long enough to be effective or you're going to have to fish way heavier than the rod is really comfortable fishing (i..e you'll be dealing with a massive load bend on the rod at all times, nevermind when you get a fish) and it won't be very fun.

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We fished together on the Bingo a few years ago and you got a few nice fluke on one of my rods, remember?

That was a conventional set up and you did really well with it. Having the button under your thumb to release line is the best way to go. The conventional reels are also less prone to damage, such as a bent bail. If you do get a spinning reel, the Stradic you mentioned is excellent.

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