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I saw the pricetag too and shuddered a little but gave it an honest thought. That is just too damn cool. I was trying to find ways to justify splurging...like "I don't have time to grow a garden" haha

In all honesty, it is great concept and shows the level of innovation that is coming in the near future as robotics and AI evolve.

And yes, we will see a Terminator at some point too...and it will probably even look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger! :rofl:

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Im not sure this is for the hobby / home / amateur gardener....as planting, tilling , weeding and watering...is part of the process of growing your own food.....I think perhaps on a commercial scale it may work......but then its just another step of the rise of the machines.....and then again I guess I could have my robot butler tend to the garden ....and perhaps hydroponics is more efficient.....

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I already have a weather station integrated into my VM farm which collects an insane amount of data.




So I can integrate that into it...wow, serious nerd warning on this thread.  I'm trying to see if I can take over the world from my couch, and this play well into my evil plan....

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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It doesn't say anything about being immune to some sort of transient electromagnetic disturbance.. 1 little solar flare, nearby lightning strike or thermonuclear explosion could completely wipe out  what began as a stupid investment to begin with..


IMO its a loser :down:... Personal gardening is more of a hobby or pass time and offers little or NO economic rewards to the growers.. Fresh vine ripened veggies are great though.. Alot better than what u get at the store, but still, i don't think quality is the Biggest motivating factor for gardeners..


Looking at it from a commercial perspective, It may have some isolated niche markets.. Cant imagine what though.. Despite what the guy with an agenda says, Americas produce industry is for the most part both extremely efficient and environmentally friendly.. The days of horse drawn plows and DDT are long over..


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