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Full Deer Blind This Fall!!!!


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My wonderful daughter made it through the afternoon and came out on top. She was so sick and still managed to make her shots and fight through the nervousness to do very well today. Ms Grit was her shooting instructor so it was great to have a familiar person there. The written test is what it is. It's long and tough for the little ones. I'm scared of some of the questions I heard grown adults getting wrong. I will just say, be careful of you are beyond the deer when some of these people shoot.


I was most proud of how she handled her crossbow. She has shot far better then she did today. She drilled the first one but was getting nervous when having people watching her waiting for her to go while she was taking her time. But if you were there you would have noticed a shooter making sure her cocking device was properly aligned, her bolts had disengaged the dry fire and taking her time going through the the progression of safety off to trigger pull. Questions are questions but it's how you handle yourself and your gear that was most important to me.


She kept a pic of my dad and a Saint Jude medal in her hand for luck the whole time taking the written test as well.


Should be a full blind with the two kids going this year. I hope to get out a couple times myself but if I don't, I wouldn't mind to much.






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I'm going to have to figure out what to do on youth day this year.  I'm only one man.  Most blinds (that I can afford) only hold two people.  Morning and afternoon split maybe.


Natural blinds are always a quick win.  You can also get camo netting and use paracord to build your own blind.  Might not have a nice roof, but they work well when you build them around other natural obstructions (fallen trees, rocks, etc.)


200 ft of camo paracord  $30



5'x13' piece of camo netting:  $23


Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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put 2 blinds side by side. you can open the window between the two or put the door sides together and it will be just like one big one. eathier leave one unstaked down so you can get in and then push them together or leave a foot or 2 between them and put some brush in the gap up front

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