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Belle Mead / Grigstown area

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Saw lots of deer in Belle Mead and the Grigstown area.....were doing an estate sale down there and they are all over the place....didnt see any bucks though ....there was one yesterday in the back yard of the house under a spruce tree and it jumped up and almost darted right at me when I walk by it ( didnt even see it at first )....the people who live there say there are tons in the canal area and they venture over at night to the residential area......


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You cannot hunt the canal I have property up the road on my private piece and yes there's plenty around there.I believe parts of 6mile and Franklin are around there and 10mile.I think there's a piece across from the rock quarry the land trust thru the twp let people thru but only so many plus you gotta have insurance...

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I hunt the Montgomery Twp Program....smoking gun is right, you do need insurance for that but also you need to join the program. It's $100 for the season and it's very limited. I am pretty sure most of the spots are filled up by now. The deadline is July 15th and you have to attend 1 of 3 safety meetings to get the tag saying you can hunt that specific property you applied for. I think there are 8-10 or so. Been on the program since 2009 and it's not bad.

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