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Nothing like a good family picnic!


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What you're looking at is an empty feeder that use to have 300 pounds of protein feed in it.  YES, they emptied the whole thing!  The round disks on the poles are suppose to keep them from being able to get up to the feeder tubes, instead it gives them something to stand on while they empty it.  Critter proof my ass, I knew they wouldn't work!!!!!  I'm gonna need more DP's!!!!








And for the record not one deer actually ate from the feeder and it's been there since February.  I loaded it with two different protein pellets and cracked corn.  The coons just started hitting it hard in the past few weeks... THEY EMPTIED IT IN A FEW WEEKS!!!  A few deer walked by it and stared at it with much concern on their face.  The closest they ever came to it was a few feet and they only did that because I put Rednecks Deer Stuff 1 next to it to see if they were scared of the feeder itself or just didn't like what was inside of it. They ate up the Deer Stuff 1 and still never touched the deer feed.  I'm leaning towards it being a little of both and hope that once I find something they can't resist then they'll start eating from it.  For now I'm gonna just let it sit empty and keep the mineral going.  Trapping season can't get here soon enough! 





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I had a similar coon infestation with my hanging feeder last fall.  Every night the family would buzz through the area like it was a fast-food drive thru.  On the upside everyone's garbage largely remained intact during deer season...

Sapere aude.


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holy sh#it thats a bunch of coon. you set around that with a bunch of dp's and you will have one heck of a first check in the am and a late night skinning. I see a skinning machine in your future.

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