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what is everyone doing over long weekend


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so much to do so little time. I want to go fluking but it will be a mad house. also want to pull jet boat out and get it ready for bowfishing, build cable restraints, dye traps, and go scouting in pa oh what to do

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I took the week off and have been out riding every day.


Today I plan on going up to High Point and then down to Hot Dog Johnny's for lunch, and back to Haskell via Green Pond Road.


Going to go out riding with a buddy on Sunday, Saturday will be spent brewing beer and smoking a brisket.

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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Between kids sporting events on Saturday and Sunday, I'm hoping to get out with my 10 year old daughter to do a few rounds of shooting with her crossbow in preperation for her test in a couple weeks.  Also volunteered to help a buddy get a tree stand site set up and may possibly scout an area nearby with my kid as well.  Wish I had the extra cash do do something more exceiting but that's it for now.

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Prepping for the Ridgefield Park parade and then the after party at my house on Monday, with a 24 hr. shift at work Sunday just to make sure I can't complete any last minute things I forgot. But then I'm on vacation the next 11 days after the 4th.

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