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Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon....Unbelievable.


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We spent the last 9 days on vacation in what I think is the most beautiful parts of the country. According to the kids, it was the "best" vacation they have experienced, and I would have to agree.


We stayed in Kanab, Utah.  I quickly found out (after my son and I were talking hunting with a local resident) that this area had some of the best Muley bucks in the west. Pics of 200" sheds and bucks in velvet were shown regularly on trail cam pics and I was literally amazed. One of the mornings we visited the home office of "Muley Crazy Magazine" which was a few miles from the hotel. The giant mounted bucks and massive sheds found in the area on display were unbelievable. (Two pics below are my son and I holding several fresh sheds).  I was told that drawing a tag to hunt the permit only land is very difficult with only 32 issued per season which contributes to the quality and age of the deer taken.


We visited Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Walking through "The Narrows" in Zion is something truly spectacular to experience with massive canyons surrounding you as walk in the Virgin River,which was only waist deep for miles. We spent the 110 degree day hiking the Narrows, needless to say lol!


Walking through Bryce Canyon I could only imagine the many elk in the basins and canyons of the park. Also, numerous signs for "bison crossing" were posted along each road in Grand Canyon Park.


One of the days we rented 4 seater 900 and 1000 cc Polaris RZR Utv's and rode for approximately 60 miles on a 4 hour guided tour through the desert in Hurricane, Utah. My son wanted to do this on each of the days we were there, lol!


Hundreds of pics were taken, and not 1 photo does justice to the unbelievable, inspiring, and downright humbling views at every turn. My kids now want to move to Utah and would do so next week if we could......











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Sounds and looks like a great trip for you all.  And I know what you mean by the pictures not doing it justice.

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Nice pix I went to west Valley Utah in a semi what a ride thru Wyoming and Utah esp echo Utah down parlays peak in a 18 wheeler.Lotta game mule deer antelope everywhere


Yea man, as a driver it was difficult to keep your eyes on the road cause I was too busy looking at the mountains through the curves!

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