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This will get the blood pumping for the upcoming season MUST SEE BONE

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Went thru my shed throwing stuff away being I'm in the market to buy a home and came across some bone in the shed what the hell I forgot I had this in the shed.I kinda lost count of racks and trophy mounts I'm gonna make a collage and hang them all outside on the exes cabin my old home and share with you folks.here's a sneak peakpost-1045-0-97109600-1467216808_thumb.pngI wanted to get with a member here I forget his name he killed a massive 6 then a 10 I wanted him to score some deer for me I've never had scored im Kinda curious I was never into that scoring thing but recently it's kinda grabbed my attention

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cool.. i don't think any of those racks are worth scoring though.. just say'n

the one I'm holding and I got a few mounts that are worthy of scoring I have a big 8 I killed when I was 14 that's about 20 inches wide inside spread I'm curious I bet it goes high 140s and a big 6 as well.AXIOM Edited by smoking gun
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Well, I aint no expert at scoring but, to me the racks pictured look a lot like sub 100s... Now that don't mean you don't have any that would score higher.. I'm just talking about the ones shown in this thread..


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