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How many are heading our with archery tackle for bears this fall?


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I planned on it but I Tore up my right shoulder.. Cant draw my bow.. Doubt it will be healed by then.. :banghead:

What about your crossbow?



My daughter claims she wants to hunt, but we'll have to see if taking her out of school one day or one morning won't interfere with her volleyball, school or choir schedule.  But either way, I will be out parts of that week.  We just have too many darned bears everywhere these days up north!!!  As for "crowds", the most permits they can sell is 10,000, so that would be the max number and I'd be willing to bet not all 10,000 permits if sold will be to archery and muzzleloader hunters.  There are still far more out during 6 Day when you add the deer only, bear only, and those pursuing both hunters.       

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