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Something I posted on another site thought I would post here


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I Enjoyed reading the post on inexpensive sea duck deks. As I read, thoughts of yesteryear came flooding back. I started duck hunting around 14 years old, that was 43 years ago icon_e_surprised.gif Back in those days my folks didn't have a lot of money, and what money there was, wasn't for the things of hunting other than a box of shells maybe 2 one for duck lead 4's and one for rabbit, and a single shot 12 ga. I learned to shoot a shot gun at around 10 by shooting my Grandfathers Winchester model 12 in 12 ga. I musta really wanted to hunt because that thing would kick me like a mule and I would go back for more icon_lol.gif My boots of choice was my converse sneakers High tops of course and my jeans tied tight at the bottoms icon_e_biggrin.gif a plaid CPO jacket and sock hat icon_e_biggrin.gif Deks you guess it plastic bleach bottles black with white spot on each side. Wasn't long before I was able to save up money from odd jobs and buy a Mossberg 500 and get a pair of hip boots. Soon after I was able to get some deks plastic of course water keel’s and most likely fishing sinkers as anchors. As I got older and more money from jobs and such I changed from those humble beginnings, to what a duck hunter should look like, although I didn't kill more ducks because of it, those old ways worked just looked like a rednecks doing it icon_eek.gificon_lol.gif

Many years have passed since those old school days. a few years ago friends of ours Father and young son was talking to me and my son about duck hunting. I guess we made him think back to his yesteryear as a boy. The next week these two met us out in the Pheasant field to hunt. I looked in his bed of the truck as he pointed there and said well I took the boy duck hunting. I looked and there was a duck and 5 plastic black bottles with fishing weights sitting there. I laughed, he said I know cheap but they worked. I looked at him as said no character. rednecks style icon_e_biggrin.gif




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