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Anyone on here contact Leo and George Rawson

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Hey Smoke!

I'm here but don't check in often. Sorry to disappear on ya. Been through a series of physical therapy sessions during the week for the last few months trying to get back up to speed after a minor set back. Had scar tissue play hell from my back operations then had my youngest daughter's graduation to deal with, getting her set up for college and all that too. Then mu son broke his wrist on the growth plate, my dad got taken out on his Harley and ended up under a guard rail, just got him home Saturday with pins and plates in his ankle...been a real shit storm here the last few months brother. Seems to not be time for much other than sitting in various doctors offices waiting for one thing or another.

I haven't forgotten about you though, just like I said, time runs out fast and haven't been on.

I think aside from replacing the floor in mu camper before this weekend, things are slowing down


Laying here quietly trying not to wake up the wife and thought to check in, Nice to see someone actually cares..lol


How the hell have you been? I missed everyone's ball busting and overall camaraderie here. 

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Thanks man,

Yup, I'm gonna hunt every chance I get. That's why I pushed so hard to get my PT and everything done so soon. They wanted to wait and do a bunch of stupid tests that never show anything anyway.


How's your fishing season going so far? I've been out a few times but only shorts.

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Good to hear you're hooking up Pete. Got a few nice bass out of a local lake two days ago between running errands, thats all though. Was looking through some threads, looks like your tying addiction is still going strong, they're looking good too.

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