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I was Attacked


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I was attacked  .  .  .  .  by fairies.   


While our son was in Ireland last year he met the renowned  Irish story teller Eddie Lenihan.  I'm currently reading his book "Meeting the Other Crowd" about the Fairy Stories of Hidden Ireland and in the book he describes how people in Ireland won't cut Hawthorn trees because that's where fairies live and you will have bad luck if you harm the tree.  They take this so seriously that a highway project was delayed 10 years and the roadway was rerouted because of a single hawthorn bush.


As I was reading this I told my son that we have a Hawthorn tree growing in an overgrown part of the yard and that I could clear out the brush around it and we would have our own Fairy Tree like in Ireland.  The spot is choked with blackberry and multiflora rose so I had to crawl through the brush to get in by the tree to clear the brush away.  I started cutting away the brush tangled in the branches of the Hawthorn and the tree suddenly exploded with fluttering and screams.  I just about crapped myself.   :rofl:


There's a catbird nest in the Hawthorn.  If you're familiar with catbirds you know that they gang up on potential threats and they scream like cats.  For a second there I thought the fairies were attacking.   :rofl:   


This is Eddie Lenihan, the story teller. :piney:




Here's how seriously they take protecting the Hawthorn trees in Ireland.


protected fairy tree.jpg

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Glad to hear you're alright Rusty.  Ireland is know to have some of the toughest fairys around.  Tough enough to do the dishes!




To this day, before building, some of my relations in Ireland will stand a brick upright in a field where a Fairy's Pass is said to be.  If the brick is knocked over during the night, you better not build!


On my Aunt's farm, there's actually the remnants of an old fort.


I am not superstitious in the least, but some of the things that go on in the area are, let's just say, interesting.


Can't wait to head over to catch their opening day.  Maybe try for a goat too!

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Can't wait to head over to catch their opening day.  Maybe try for a goat too!



More Ireland stories for our homesick Irishman.  


While our son was over there he learned to play the Bodhran.  During a lesson he told his teacher that he was interested in buying a drum so his teacher told him to go see the old guy in the next town over.  So he did.  


When he was back here in the States he was playing in a Trad Session and one of the other players saw his drum and said "wow cool Vignoles, where'd you get it?"  Our son tells him "I rode my bike over to his house and asked him to make me one".  The guys jaw hit the floor.  

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