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UBNJ 17th Jamboree AUG 27 and 28

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Some info for this weekends shoot


On Saturday 2 man shoot, score your best arrow top 6 teams will have a shoot out for money at the practice range. Score cards handed in by 2 pm.


On Sunday the individual shoot will work same way top 6 shooters will have a shoot out for trophies at the practice range. Cards have to be handed in by 2 pm.

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Update: Sat- two man team shoot . Teams will compete for a chance to shoot off for money then the top 6 teams will return Sunday to compete at 2pm in a shoot off for the prize money. 

Also Sat is shoot the course for fun all day registration open all day Sat. Everyone welcome!
Sunday shoot for fun or compete for individual trophies in 7 different classes. If competing, score cards must be in by 2pm. Registration ends at 11:30am.
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