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First time for this....

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really weird. was it caught in raritan bay? that may explain a lot. still dont get how guys eat fish out of there. 

and i know first hand, working with sewage and pump stations, and where everything is pumped to. and whats pumped into the hudson/raritan bay. think before you put that "juicy fish fillet" in you're mouth. you might wake up one day looking like that fluke. this world we live in IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. if i told you what i have found in the pumps i work on (that pump your $h!t, AND you're WATER) you would be drinking from the creek behind your house! and yes corn does not digest or less FULLY chewed...and why do women flush things down the toilet that gives them pleasure? maybe they dropped it? ENJOY YOU'RE FISH FILLETS, i will stick to catch, photo, release :up:

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