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I haven't seen the # of questions regarding youth crossbow shooting this year but I wanted to offer to meet up with you mentors, kids and ladies if you wanted to try my daughter's Parker Challender crossbow and crank while she and I are at the range this spring/summer. We normally hit Black River, Flatbrook or Pequest ranges depending on what else we may have going on. 

For what it's worth, unless your kid has the stregth for a 35lb draw on a compound, this is the best way to get them out there. it's relatively easy to work although you should try and get a deal on the cranking device. 

Shoot me a pm and we can meet sometime. Flatbrook and Black River have shotgun ranges as well for clays and we have a Bantam shotgun we have been working with if you want to try it.


Here are several pics, the last one from last night as well as the link to video footage taken by Whitetailbosses and shootstraight a member here on the forum.  The video shows the use of the cocking device by my 10 year old at the time and the use of the tripod.  Good footage.  It's been posted before.


Video...   https://huntervids.com/videos/whitetail-bosses-2015-ep-5-fall-series/

photo (6).JPG

IMG_1951 (1).jpg

photo (12).JPG

photo 3 (1).jpg

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