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how to get a bear back on camera?


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Last month i had a nice black bear on cam where i hunt. The farmer has since brought cows to that field for the summer. The field has swamp and heavy cover on 2 sides so i put a cam facing just on the outside of the fence about 15yds from where i caught him along with a 5gal bucket of popcorn corn sugar honey syrup and i let it sit for 2 weeks and all i got was crows!! Any ideas of how 2 get him back?

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He knows and does not usually use this area due to flooding down the bottom. This year was a first. The cows are usually gone by August so i am trying to keep the bear in the viscinity. The bears have been seen for about 6yrs now and no one has hunted them. Coyote population exploded there also. If i put my foxpro out there would u tell on me too? If i had a tripod feeder for deer and bears ate it, same diffrence

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this time of year they rather eat berry's then sit on a bait.


Yup, they want fruit and veggies now and meat later.  As fall approaches, they instinctively know to put on weight for winter and that is when baiting is important.  Bears are using different habitats now versus where they will be come fall anyway, so I wouldn't worry one second about them in late May.  

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IMHO, you've still got some good stuff you can be doing.  You got one bear on camera, and it's not a matter of getting him/her back onto that camera, but instead move the camera(s) around to see if you can start patterning the bear.  Try to find its food source(s), paths it travels, etc.   Still some good field work can be done, so use the time to your advantage.  This will give you a better idea where to set bait that's easier for the bear to find and come back to.


Baiting only works if you have the animal patterned.  It won't work as effectively otherwise.  I've set up bait and found that I've fed more squirrels, chipmunks, and other wildlife better than I've fed my prey.


So get back out there!  :)

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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