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congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Turkey contest


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Congratulations to allmann & johnnyo8148 with score of 122.5 to win the contest. There was some bickering in the contest but that happens. All who shot bird congratulations to you because that's the real win the the hunting world putting food on the table. Also congratulations to LPJR'S son for winning the youth contest young man you had yourself one he'll of a season with a great buck and a great turkey. All winners please contact shootstraight to get your prize winnings.


Thanks you all for signing up



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 Christopher is thrilled!  So  :cool: Thanks!


Congrats to Allman and Johnnyo, well done!   :up:


And like said above, congrats to all who enjoyed a great season out. 


Thanks TBoy for running the contest, it is very much appreciated!  :up:

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Again, congrats to everyone!  LPJR, send me your address so I can get that young turkey slayer his Cabelas gift card.

A HUGE THANK YOU AS WELL to BB and Shootstraight as well for their very generous donations!


Truly appreciated! :up:


BB pm sent  :up:

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Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all whom participated! Big thanks to Turkeyboy for running the contest and coordinating everything! Also huge thanks to Will aka Shootstraight's generosity in coordinating the prize donations from Knight and Hale! Also can't forget BB and his generous donation in the youth contest! :up: :up: :up:



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congrats to the winners and thanks for TB44 for running it... hope you guys don't see me as a bad guy here..

I just was breaking balls and making points that there's no issues with TB44's bird having two beards if it did that's f'n awesome... just takes pics of both beards at the base and complete measurements or go back to your check in station and have it recorded not just for the contest but more because if it is that caliber of a bird then make it count in the books...

as for the nonsense with the upgrading birds... I don't really see how I was wrong in being surprised and a tad up set about a rule that wasn't posted in the rules and to me makes little sense as naturally in a running season like turkey season or deer season your goal would be to try and shoot a bigger bird then your last if you can...

I see the point of an upgrading opportunity as to encourage others to continue to try and do better as individuals but especially if on a team... or like my team mate did,,, end up not posting a bird as he was going to wait to see if he would shoot a better bird and didn't want to play the upgrade card but other obligation kept him from filling that goal...

anyway... sorry if I pissed in the cheerios just while they seem miner they were valid points...

please know, I have no issue with or harbor no ill wills what so ever toward Turkeyboy44, hoping he holds none nor you guys will either... next time if I have anything to say instead of screwing up a thread I'll talk directly to the person and try and avoid any ugliness... Once again Congrats to the winners and everyone whom not only had success but got out and enjoyed the turkey woods... and thank you Turkeyboy44 for setting up and running the contest as well as Will and BB for the donations and Matt to for all his sites does for us all as members...

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Nice job Turkeyboy running the contest. really appreciate your effort and those who made the contest possible. Congrats to all the winners and those who harvested turkeys.

My season was nice with a bird on the opening day, but my time out became limited. Not that it would have mattered most of the birds in my area disappeared or went quiet for most of the season.


My one daughter got married, my older daughter got a better job, and my youngest daughter gave me a beautiful future hunting partner Jack Randolf Cortese born 5/24/16 at 8lbs 12 ozs.


so as Will would say "Life is Good"


God bless you all, much happieness and success in the future



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Thanks for running the contest Turkeyboy44. I truly enjoyed getting to know my partner a little better through messages back and forth about our turkey hunting adventures. Congratulations to the winners and also to all those who harvested birds :up:

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