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Got this email today from NJDFW:


Users of the state's 121 Wildlife Management Areas may be asked to complete a survey by Division of Fish and Wildlife volunteers and Stockton University students when accessing the properties. This yearlong effort is to determine the frequency and recreational use of WMAs by the public, as well as attitudes and perceptions of users with regard to their use of WMAs.


The Division will use survey results to update and codify the goals and objectives for the WMA system and gather data on visitor license buying patterns.


Questions regarding the survey can be sent to njfishandwildlife@dep.nj.gov.

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Yeah, I got that one too...a little vague if you ask me.

I typically have had poor experiences at WMA's during firearms season and won't be back.  During bow season, most people are great.  Just one problem at one WMA with a specific group of people that think they own the entire area.


They are easily avoided though.

- Mack

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