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I ruv brackfish

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A little late Tog report.. I fished with Capt Chad on the tagged fish this past Sunday. It was my first time fishing with him and I have to say his reputation is well deserved. First of all Chad and his mate Jay are fantastic. They work exceptionally hard and do everything in their power to help you catch fish and enjoy your day..The boat was limited out, or close to it. I personally had 4 nice keepers, the biggest about 7.5#. The biggest on the boat was 9#, and another 8# was caught as well as many in the 3-5# range.At one point in the day the captain made me put the skates on and fish up next to the cabin because I was getting some real small fish and the bites were a little more scarce in the stern where I was fishing.Like I said, great captain and crew and a very comfortable boat to fish on..it was a good day and im looking forward to fishing with them again..(this coming Monday and Tuesday in fact) lol


Tagged fish Tog.jpg

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