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Got this email today, figured I would share:



Dear Fellow Hunter,

The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife is conducting its biennial survey of firearm license buyers in order to estimate harvest, hunting effort and revenue generated for the State by hunters, and would appreciate your participation. This year’s survey will only be conducted in an online format which you can access by clicking the following link – https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KCLGT6P


The survey contains questions about your hunting activities pertaining to web-less migratory birds, upland game birds, small game mammals, and big game mammals. The survey is designed to navigate you around species which you did not hunt for or harvest.


If you encounter any difficulties in completing this survey, please send an email to Andrew.Burnett@dep.nj.gov and identify the problem.

Survey results will be posted on the Division’s website later this year.


Thank you for participating!


Andrew Burnett, Principal Biologist

NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife

Upland Game & Furbearer Research Project

- Mack

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