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Woodchuck Hunting

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Am I reading the season on woodchucks correctly, the digest says 2024 rifle season runs from March-September?

If this is correct meaning the season is currently open, does anyone have leads on property owners looking to get rid of their’s?

I’m willing to pay to hunt them.


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16 minutes ago, Turkeyslayer said:

go do some door knocking I can promise most guys would love to have you

 Meh.. my experience is the complete opposite. Several years ago I went door knocking at a bunch of local farms around me (I can remember spending an entire weekend driving miles around stopping at local farms and such)... no one gave me permission. It was either "no, I don't need it" or "guys already hunt it" or "let me get back to you" and never did.

I never got a single person that said they would love to have me hunt groundhogs on their property.

I never offered to pay though, and the OP says he is willing to pay, so that might grease the wheels a little bit. But then again, if the people he offers payment to actually know NJ law, they would understand that accepting payment would open them up to liability that they would not otherwise have to worry about if they just granted permission without payment. So that could actually be a detriment.

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Sussex county woodchuck county capital of the state. Miss those days. 

  True story! I got crazy lucky once knocking on doors. Farm in Stillwater.He ended up being from my hometown where his father came from Jim Stabilejr. Was with my friend crazy ralph I was trying to fulfill my butts and bows triple quest. oh I hit one. it was a good hit, sucker hit the hole bent my aluminum arrow right in half. I put my ear to the hole and could hear moaning and groaning, went to the barn and asked him for a pick and shovel he said sure help yourself I got to take my wife to the hospital her water broke.I recovered that sucker about a 15-ft long 1 ft dig.



. my friend thanks for the memories!


Plan a summer visit.Great place for a family day!

His children and great  children would  greatly appreciate carrying on the tradition.

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“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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38 minutes ago, CJ3a said:

I agree it’s not as easy as it once was.   Once the dairy industry shut down the hunting dried up.  Also the coyotes clear a lot up. 

I had one farmer explain to me he doesn't need any hunters because he "blows them up with gas." He talked briefly about a tool he has and what he does. He didn't name the tool he had, but I later looked it up and I'm sure he was talking about the Rodenator. Gotta admit .. I was kinda jealous... That looks awesome lol


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Use to just start somewhere I had permission then roam from field to field. If a farmer came out or happen to drive by and saw you had a rifle he would just wave and drive on.  I usually didn't know them and they didn't know me, they just want them gone.  The few that did stop to talk would usually tell me I had permission to come back.  Within a week or so all the farmers knew me cause they would start calling each other and ask who I was and the one farmer I had permission from would tell them he's good to go.  Never once an issue.  Over time as I got to know the farmers and exchange numbers, I started getting calls from them every spring letting me know when the hogs were out.  I was good for 300 +/- hogs a year.  

PS- Not promoting trespassing, but under the circumstances it's what I call "a grey area" :eyebrow:


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