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2nd bucktail

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Palawman I use Danville 006 mono thread and dexcron 5 minute epoxy 2 part the stuff in the bottles not the needles then i use dacron 400 fire orange and epoxy you have to apply a light coat of epoxy it doesn't take much.you can use a light coat of gorilla glue or zap a goo between wraps for added insurance

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Why you wanna tie some tails and teasers I'm game I can tie for hours I never get bored I just come up with random crap I dont drink beer nor want money I just like to tie and fish them


I'm game. I'm looking for a new 360 vise that can handle big Jigheads and hooks we use for saltwater fishing. From 1 to 8 oz and big jig hooks.


PredaTorch.com         Hot Estrous Doe and Other Deer Scent, Night Predator Lights

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