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What release are you shooting?

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18 minutes ago, fab said:

Don’t laugh.  Got a Scott in 1993.    Still in use.    Did have to change the leather strap about 10 years ago.   If it ain’t broke don’t fit.   

Same with me. I’ve been shooting my Scott mongoose since about the same time. I’ve gone through couple of leather straps since. I have one more strap with tags on it and that’s my last. I just picked up another mongoose from one of the members on here 2 months ago. That release is not easy to find and I have no reason to change. 

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1 hour ago, Jcol6268 said:

Currently shooting the Spot Hogg Wise Guy. I like the adjustment in the trigger. I don’t like that it doesn’t swivel in my hand, making it easy to add torque at the connection point. I’ve shot it for a few years now and most likely will be moving on to something else. 

Yea I shoot a thumb now with a swivel head and was thinking of going to a fixed (non swivel) so from your experience you recommend the swivel?

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I shoot  a bunch different stuff .

hunting it’s all index finger releases because IF I need to shoot a shot quicker there is less hand movement pulling through the release .

Scott  caliper grip , Scott caliper wrist , truball Assassin .

if I don’t want to shoot a DLoop I shoot a fletchamatic


target and 3 D  been shooting a Franks about 80% of the time since around 1983

rest is split between a T release and an Armstrong hing.



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Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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Cobra - index release ----- ive been looking at thumb releases. It works great and honestly i can't complain. Plus i learned to shoot releasing with my index finger so theres that level of comfort.

When you're in your stand and you wanna get something from your bag - its an annoyance to have something on your wrist in the way flopping around.

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