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Dryer lint idea


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I know I have a weird thought process, depending on the season, I am thinking hunting,fishing,fly tying,etc.... So I was helping Mrs. Koz with laundry and I have this pet peeve of throwing out  trap lint fuzz. I cleaned it out and noticed it was very fine, texture and the perfect dun color. So I saved it in a zip lock bag and will try it out later.


Has anyone else tried this dryer lint as a material? 

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I've tried it a couple times for fun.  As a fly tying material I found that it makes a good fire starter!  It's too short for even split thread dubbing.  I guess you could douse the hook with super glue and stick it on - think of the thread you'd save!


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Spray the dryer lint real good with permethrin and then load it into toilet paper rolls.  Stick them in log piles for the rodents to find and use for bedding.   Saw a study somewhere where it had an impact on tick populations, as rodents are the main reservoir.  Makes sense.   

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