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Walmart clearance


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Used to be great when they didn’t use vendors , and you could buy everything from main stock sent directly to your house for free .

bought millenniums for 29 bucks (Safty rope with them was worth that )

bought aluminum bone collector stands for 19 .


the closeout to watch is Rural King .

they closed out cell cams a month ago for 29 bucks .

but were sold out in 45 minutes 

Captain Dan Bias


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41 minutes ago, fab said:

I got the card reader.   I can’t get it to view.  Keeps telling no card 

If its the Wildgame Trailpad, take the card out and quickly push it in. If that doesn't work, sometimes you have to push the card in very slowly until it reads that's it in there.

There is nothing more intolerant than a liberal preaching tolerance 

God gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers

"Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy."


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1 hour ago, JerseyJaysTaxidermy said:

Card reader? What is this 2019?

Why not?? I use it when getting into tree, none of my cams are cellular. Last time I tried using a device to plug into my cellphone, I needed to pay for an app. to do so.  

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