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Slug Ammo ?


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Just started shooting a slug-gun 12 gauge H&R, always shot muzzle-loaders.  I noticed slugs (SST's and Accu-Tip's) are very dirty, decent accuracy comes only by swabbing the barrel after each shot.  My question is how many shots do you typically get off before accuracy drops?


Also had 2 in 10 SST's light hit, no fire, and 1 in 5 with the Accu-Tip, also light hit no fire.  Looked to me like the primer was set deeper then the rounds that fired. 

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I've killed plenty of deer and a bear with SSTs without issue. They are typical copper coated lead which means additional expansion upon impact. But let's say they are made of titanium and don't expand at all. They are still wider in diameter than a .30 caliber rifle round after expansion. How big a hole do you need to cause a proper wound channel?



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