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Buying Bulk Live Bait


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Last year the family and I fished using butterworms when we could afford them and they flat out outcaught everything else out there...live bait wise.  They are expensive as hell to buy in individual packs from the bait store.


Has anyone ever bought them in bulk or could you recommend a buld source for them?  


My only concern is that things like mealie worms can be much smaller when bought in bulk because they are used for pet food and you don't get the same size you would in the bait store.



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I have rarely had success with standard mealies in the Flatbrook.


Butterworms, however are a home run (when Stokes Sport Shop has them in) like BFever said! :up:  :up:


Not sure of how well they would stay in the fridge in a bulk purchase. Something to look into like MBag said!

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I order my bait every ice fishing season- i will not suggest my supplier because Im having an issue with an order. I would suggest googling it like many have suggested, if wholesalebait.com comes up first maybe poke around another site. Butter worms are always expensive in comparison. For me during a good season ill use thousands of mousies and spikes. Butters are about $50 per 250 delivered from what I recall. These are in me fridge now!


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