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Trap Shoot Get-Together


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Trap shoot get-together at the Clinton WMA shotgun range on Sunday March 20, 12:00.




Unfortunately my family will not be able to make it.  Have fun and take lots of pictures.


P.S. The rain/snow is supposed to start around mid-day so you may want to get there a little earlier.    

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Rusty, whatever day is more convenient for you to come get me...thanks buddy! :rofl:

Either one is good for me.

Date wise, sometime after the weekend of March 12/13th would be the only ones I can make in March.

But do whatever works out best for the majority! :up:



Late March it is.   :up:

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Looks like my previous post disappeared  


My son, my wife and I will join if we can do a Sunday 


I have an electronic thrower and a few cases of clay birds to donate to the cause


Those of you without a shotgun don't buy anything except shells -- This is your opportunity to try out a bunch of different shotguns


I'll never commit to an exact number of shotguns that I may or may not have but feel free to use and try whatever I bring


Shells, both 20 and 12 gauge, clay birds, donuts, drinks  that kind of thing is what you need to bring if you don't have a shotgun


I also have a couple of youth sized guns -- Bring the kids, and the women in your life who might be interested

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