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Anybody bird hunt today? ( Monday)


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Went to Colliers Mills, 8:30- 11:00 am, few hunters out ,heard no shots, hit the power lines, nothing, took a ride around, hit front field on way out, dog got birdy right away, point , move, reposition, trail, finally cock bird flushes, throw gun up, no fire, forgot I took my Bernardelli sxs hammer gun out ( 1st time, Usually use my Ithaca sxs 16 ga.), cocked hammers, took 2 long shots, missed, but still a good day out, you say ?

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53 minutes ago, OldPiney Woods said:

At least you had some action.:up:

Yes, it was a good day, took a ride back toward the lake, as you go over the little bridge there's a dirt road on the right that leads to a field, haven't been back there in years, they used to stock it, figured I'd check it out, what a shame, no fields, big bonfire pit by the lake, all tore up from dirt bikes and atvs, looked like Party city

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