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Caldwell Deadshot Field Pod


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A friend sent me a video of his 10 year old taking a nice turkey using this "Field Pod" this past fall with a crossbow....It was the first time I ever saw the item, and I was impressed.  
I must say that this is one of the best investments I have made for my little guy in the woods this year!
The uses are endless and the adjustability is amazing.
I really feel that it is a game changer, especially when it comes to relaxing a young hunter's nerves that already are on edge before the shot! :up:
Click on the link below for details............

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Not sure my daughter would have been able to hold up the weight of the crossbow without it.  Good job by the state for allowing kids/people to use it on their field tests.


For those of you looking to buy one for use in teh blind with a kid, especially a crossbow, be aware that you may want to set it up like we do with the legs further forward because in the blind, bringing the legs back towards the shooter more means the limbs of the crossbow are further out and you don't want to be slapping the windows or sides of the blind on the shot.  Depending on the blind size, the only way to not have it set up like this would be to back up further in the blind which then limits your field of fire because of the window frames and smaller blinds will become even smaller by backing up.

Dylan Blind pic.jpg

photo (6).JPG

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Brian, good idea. :up:  Even though my son or I do not shoot a crossbow, I am sure the guys and kids that do would appreciate the info.


I know that it has helped keep both the muzzleloader and slug gun steady for him..

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