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You wonder why Skunk essance is worth so much today


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Israelis spray ‘skunk-juice’ on rock-throwing Palestinian radicals.



Very effective.

















Those wonderful Israeli biomedical engineers have done it again.



Too bad the cops in the USA didn't have some of this stuff for recent



riots and looting! The Black Lives Matter folks want less violent means



used in handling protests. This seems to be the perfect fit. Now this is



a riot control weapon that really works. Non-toxic, non-lethal, but very



effective. The Palestinians want it banned because it makes them feel



degraded. I would say that is just fine. I wonder how long the aroma



lasts on a demonstrator. Looks like these guys may be eating outside



for a while rather than around the family dinner table.































Read more: http://snareone.proboards.com/thread/459/wonder-skunk-essanct-worth-today#ixzz3wx6CuVp6


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