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Lake Ontario Fishing Charter Help


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Good morning all.

I was asked if I wanted to take a trip up for a charter boat on Lake Ontario this year, probably April/May.  I've done very well going out with the Dreamcatcher and Captain Sam Zucco out of Rochester in the past but never that early in the year.  I volunteered to make some calls to see what I can find out about what may be the best time to go in order to maximise the "action".  I figured if we are talking quantity it would be the spring browns but this is an odd year in the sense that weather and temps have been off.

Do any of you venture up there enough to have recommendations of what would be the best time in the spring summer for best action?  Would like to look at dates now before the sportsmans shows kick in and booking dates start to fly off the board.

BTW.  Let m know if you have charter recommendations and websites. We have at least one lady coming so w ewould need some kind of local overnight accomidations where you don't have to name the rats in the rooms.

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