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The one's that didn't make it

Tucker dog

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IMG_1396.JPGHi, was out scouting new spots for next year and my girl found this one. I found another button and headless body not far from this one. What have you guys found while out scouting? This was WMA a mile or so off busy road but only twenty feet off power lines. Hit by car? Not found by hunter? Don't know. 

What have you guys found?



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During the last few recent bouts of EHD in Zone 13, numerous good bucks died at the end of August......


Several skulls we came across apparantley were in the velvet stage because the amount of tiny, "needle like" sharp points on the brow tines was amazing. 


I believe that the deer never had the opportunity to "rub" and smooth the points down. Literally amazing how sharp the brow tines were!  :shock:

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