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Deer down! My son's 1st Muzzleloader deer!


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As quick as the actual trigger pull is we as adults and somewhat experienced hunters who have done the deed forget the enjoyment in the little things. The words and looks in the kids eyes bring it all back. Its those details that will stamp those moments in your memory forever. Knowing how much u guys have put into it and the lack of action, I'm proud of your son to. Great job dad and way to shoot young man. Many more to come. Glad to have met you both and I'm hoping for some group cheering in years to come.


GO TEAM 3 2015-2016!!!!!

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We just now got back from the butcher and my phone with the pics is at 2% battery!


Charging it now and will put up pics and story ASAP! His homework is being done at 8:30 tonight.


 Oh boy! I am getting the look from my wife! hahahahahahahaaha! All good and worth it. :rofl:  :up:

Hell yea its worth it buddy!!!!!

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WOO HOO!!!!!  GREAT JOB!!!!  Greg and I are super pumped that he hung in there and got it done!


Its been a long season for you both and we could not be happier for you guys!  We are enormously proud of that young man for putting in his time and not giving up when the going was tough!


Enjoy it!

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