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The new Excalibur Bulldog


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Well, if F&G decides to allow the air gun at some point in time, I would expect it would be placed within one of the firearm seasons, just because it will require an FID to purchase.  ....... Though it might be fun for woodchucks...


bow -  $899.00

charging system - $429.99

6 arrows - $99.99


Damn, that's a lot for an air rifle. For that money I can think of a couple .223's I would rather have...


Funny when you look at it on the Crosman site, there is a "Primary Use" section where you pick your usage and "Big Game" is not one of the choices.. So If one were to base their buying decision on the game to be hunted, their biggest game animal is Predators...

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That is not a bow even the makers of the crosman' air bow say it's more of a GUN then bow it will never aloud to used in jersey


Before you go getting your panties in a bunch Turkeyboy44 I am not endorsing this thing, just posting about it's existence. So don't fight with me about it, I'm on your side guy.  :happywave:

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